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Bialystoker Center and Home in the News
12/10/2014 The LoDown: Sale of Bialystoker Building Under Review; AG Says Board “Failed to Discharge Its Duties”

8/20/2013 The Real Deal: Bialystoker Nursing Home inches closer to landmark status

8/19/2013 City Council Committee Votes to Protect Bialystoker Nursing Home Building

5/24/2013 Bowery Boogie: Bialystoker Nursing Home Designated a Landmark

5/23/2013 The Villager: ‘A special building’: Landmarks O.K.’s Bialystoker Home

5/22/2013 The Jewish Daily Forward: Bialystoker Home, 90-Year-Old Jewish Institution, Is Declared N.Y. Landmark

5/21/2013 The Lo-Down: Bialystoker Building Declared Landmark

5/21/2013 DNAInfo: Shuttered Bialystoker Nursing Home Wins Landmark Protection

5/21/2013 Curbed: Lower East Side’s Bialystoker Building Finally Landmarked

5/21/2013 NY Times: Landmarks Commission Votes to Preserve Bialystoker Building

5/20/2013 The Lo-Down: Landmarks Commission Scheduled to Vote on Bialystoker Nursing Home Designation Tomorrow

3/29/2013 The Forward: Bialystoker Home Spawns New Controversy Over Landmark Status

2/21/2013 The Villager: Bialystoker backers praise historic home at hearing

2/15/2013 CITYLAND: Hearing on Former Art Deco Home for the Aged Draws Supportive Crowd

2/12/2013 Curbed: Support for Bialystoker Landmarking Enormous, Heartwarming

2/12/2013 DNAInfo: Owners of Historic LES Building Drop Opposition to Landmarking

2/12/2013 The Lo-Down: Big Turnout For Bialystoker Hearing Before Landmarks Commission

1/29/2013 The Lo-Down: Landmarks Commission Sets Bialystoker Nursing Home Hearing For Feb. 12

12/12/2012 Curbed: Preservation Watch

12/12/2012 Bowery Boogie: LPC Calendars Bialstoker Nursing Home

12/11/2012 The Lo-Down: Landmarks Commission Votes to Advance Bialystoker Application

12/10/2012 Curbed: Bialystoker Nursing Home Heads to Landmarks

12/10/2012 Bowery Boogie: LPC Will Hear Cases for Bialystoker, Seward Park Library Landmarking

12/7/2012 The Lo-Down: Bialystoker Nursing Home Application Listed on Landmarks Commission Agenda

11/27/2012 Curbed: 10 Sites Facing Preservation Battles Right Now

10/22/2012 The Jewish Press: New Yorkers Get Together to Save a Distinctly Jewish Architectural Gem

10/22/2012 Curbed: The Bialystoker Nursing Home

10/20/2012 NY Post: Landmark Bid for Historic LES Building

8/24/2012 Curbed: The Bialystoker Battle

8/24/2012 The Villager: Landmarks: Bialystoker eligible for consideration’

8/13/2012 The Lo-Down: Chin, Preservation Activists Try to Keep the Bialystoker in the News

8/13/2012 Bowery Boogie: Margaret Chin Urges LPC to Landmark Bialystoker Home

7/19/2012 The Lo-Down: Chin Backs Bialystoker Landmarking

5/15/2012 Pushcart News: Spring at Bialystoker

4/25/2012 The Lo-Down: CB3 Asks Landmarks Commission to Protect Bialystoker Building

4/24/2012 The Lo-Down: Not Everyone Views the Bialystoker Building Through the Same Lens

4/9/2012: The Lo-Down: Council Member Chin calls the Bialystoker Home a “nice building” but …

3/28/2012 The Lo-Down: The Battle for the Bialystoker: More Community Perspectives

3/21/2012 The Real Deal: Bialystoker Nursing Home one step closer to historic protection after community board vote

3/21/2012 Lo-Down: CB3 Panel Supports Bialystoker Landmarking; Nursing Home Says Sale Approved by AG

3/20/2012 Bowery Boogie: Support Bialystoker Landmarking Tonight

3/15/2012 The Jewish Press: The Twelve Tribes At The Bialystoker Home

3/3/2012 The Villager: Losing Bialystoker home; Losing the love in L.E.S.

2/15/2012 Bowery Boys: Bialystoker Home, a remarkable Lower East Side treasure and home for assisted living–now in need of some assistance

2/14/2012 The Lo-Down: Follow-Up: The Campaign to Save the Bialystoker Building

2/11/2012 New York Press: Buyer for Bialystoker Home Rumored Close

2/10/2012 The Villager: Last Ditch Effort to Landmark L.E.S. Bialystoker Home

2/8/2012 Our Town Downtown: Buyer for Bialystoker Home Rumored Close

2/5/2012 TheLo-Down: Sale of the Bialystoker Home Could Be Imminent

2/5/2012 The Lo-Down: Preservation Groups Make Their Case for Saving the Bialystoker Home

2/5/2012 Epoch Times: Community Campaigns for Bialystoker Home

2/3/2012 Bowery Boogie: Support the Landmarking of Bialystoker (comic)

2/3/2012 The Lo-Down: Sunday Event Part of Campaign to Save Bialystoker Building

1/11/2012 Friends of Bialystoker Home Plan Discussion Next Month

11/17/2011 The Villager quotes Senator Squadron’s support for Landmarks designation

11/2/2011 The Lo-Down: Bialystoker Home Closes for Good

10/12/2011 Save the Lower East Side!: Hope for Bialystoker Home

9/11/2011 NY Times: Bialystoker Home for Aged to Close

9/8/2011 The Villager: What in hell’s going on?

9/2/2011 The Forward: Venerable Bialystoker Home Closing Under a Cloud

8/21/2011 The NY Post: Bialystoker Nursing Home Sale Rakes in Old Money

8/17/2011 Wall Street Journal: LES Residents Fuming

8/4/2011 The Lo-Down: Bialystoker Home Listed for Sale